One Step at a Time along The Ocean

After many years of this group being in gestation, our first event was a wonderful heartfelt success. 11 women gathered to hike alongside the ocean in Prospect. We were blessed with a cool gentle breeze and enough sunshine to keep us toasty warm.

Topics varied as much as the rocky terrain and colourful landscape.

For those who attended, the following link will take you to They are the the ones doing amazing research on the power of the heart and the interconnection of all hearts on the planet. They are now researching the interconnectedness of all trees on the planet too!! At the website, top left, under Resources, they have loads of short informational Videos. My favourite one is:

I also spoke about The Netflix of spirituality - if anyone has the courage to explore their boundaries ;)

I found myself so excited to get up and go out for a hike this morning that I realized how much I miss getting out in nature. So,.. I'll be posting random hikes for anyone who wants to come and join me (they'll be either Sat or Sun am). Don't worry, I'll make sure the directions are very clear this time... lol.

Maria and I discussed the possibility of having an "Introduction to Herbs" event; and on the way home, we talked about Gong baths. For anyone who's wondering what the heck is a gong bath, visit They are lovely, lovely people who moved to NS because they too, felt it was special.

I think that's all for today. I'm going to try to set up a members section for the future.

p.s. Quite a few women are interested in the boxing event. There is a limit of 10 for the class. If we get enough interest, I'll ask if we can have a second class on the same day. RSVP as soon as you know.

Thanks again for your blessed presence today!!! A xx

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